A large scale international collaborative project on the social psychology of COVID 19: Implications for leadership research


The current COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis. Without a vaccine, the best hope for reducing the spread of the virus is through large-scale behavior change. The International Collaboration on the Social & Moral Psychology of COVID-19 (ICSMP) project was initiated by a group of researchers who were interested in examining the psychological factors underlying the attitudes and behavioral intentions related to COVID-19. Across 46,000 citizens in 67 countries, this project examined why people adopted public health behaviors and supported protective policies during the early stages of the pandemic. The results provide important implications for leaders in managing the current and future pandemics. Operating under a model of open science, all measures and data will be shared, and available for secondary papers upon publication.

Oct 26, 2021 11:00 AM — Feb 4, 2030 1:00 PM
Dealing with Covid-19 Pandemic (Seminar)
BI Norwegian Business School
Nydalsveien 37, Oslo, 0484

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Lewend Mayiwar
Lewend Mayiwar
PhD Candidate (expected 2023)

Emotions, judgment and decision making, open science & reproducibility.